Upon successful course completion and multiple-choice online theory quiz, you are now required to follow the next steps below

Step One - Crib Sheets

Submit your crib sheets. A crib sheet is a list of the names of the exercises that you are planning to teach, in the order in which they will appear in your 60 minute class plan. There is no other information required on this document. A total of 3 crib sheets should be submitted for week one, week five and week ten. A completed sample of the crib sheets is included in your downloadable course documents. Upload your completed documents via the Student Hub section of the website.

Step Two - Yoga Session Plan (week 5 only)

Your assessor will mark your crib sheets and give feedback accordingly. You may be asked to amend certain aspects of your class plans and resubmit. Once your crib sheets are finally approved, you can then complete the Yoga Session Plan template for Week five ONLY (this is not necessary for week one or week ten). A partially completed sample Yoga Session Plan for Week five is included in your downloadable course documents. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THE FULL SESSION PLAN FOR WEEK 5 UNTIL ALL 3 CRIB SHEETS ARE APPROVED. Please use the Yoga Session Plan template provided, to complete week five IN FULL.

Submit Lesson Plan

Step Three - Assessment Information

Upon approval of your crib sheets and session plan, your assessor will select a range of asanas, chosen from your week 5 session plan, for you to teach for your practical video assessment. Typically, 12 asanas are selected at random, including a warm-up of Sun Salutations and a cool down of Savasana. It is not a requirement to teach every asana on your week five plan. Therefore, your final video should be less than one hour (usually 45-50 minutes is the norm). You will be notified of the list of chosen asanas via email.

Step Four - Zoom Meeting

Before filming your final assessment, a Zoom meeting will be scheduled at a mutually agreed time, between student and assessor. This is to clarify the assessment criteria and what is expected of you, in order to gain a Pass result. It is also a chance for you to ask any questions and address any concerns you may have, directly with your assessor.

Schedule a Call

Step Five - Filming Your Practical Video Assessment (50 minutes)

Please review the Video Submission Guidelines document BEFORE you film your video. This contains important guidance on the information that is required for successful video assessments. Failure to comply with this evidence could result in your video being rejected if regulations are not adhered to. Ensure that you are fully familiar with the criteria contained in the Assessment Checklist criteria document, as these are the only standards by which your video will be assessed. Please use an iPad or similar device (not mobile phone) and place it on a sturdy surface, where you and your students are in full view of the camera at all times. Ensure that you and your students can be heard throughout and your voice is clear and audible. There should be no pauses, breaks or edits in your recording. Videos should be no longer than 55 minutes.

Submit Video

Step Six - Submitting Your Exam Video

Upon completion of your exam video, you are now ready to submit your video for assessment. We encourage all students to mark their own exam videos prior to sending videos for assessment, to ascertain if it is worth submitting the video and paying the associated assessment fee. All students are provided with the Assessment Checklist document, which assessors use to mark all exams, so that you may tick the checkboxes yourself, in order to gain an insight into your possible future result.

You can upload your exam video via any of the following means (this list is not exhaustive):
Google Drive
We Transfer
You Send It
You Tube

Please then send the following –

  1. Exam assessment video link
  2. Associated assessment fee via BACS bank transfer or Paypal
  3. Complete the Video Submission Checklist document and upload to the Student Hub

Step Seven - Assessment Results

Please allow up to 21 days for all assessment results. You will be notified of your result via email. For successful Pass results, a hard copy, signed certificate will be posted out to your home address. For Refer results, you will receive feedback from your assessor regarding the areas for improvement. Students can resubmit further exam videos at any time (there are no deadlines). It may be the case that 7 exercises have passed the criteria and the rest have referred. In this instance, you will be asked to resubmit a video of only the select few exercises that have referred. If more than 50% of the exercises in an exam video have referred, you will be asked to resubmit the whole class again. Students can make appointments to discuss exam results via telephone call or Zoom.