Training Manual – BarreConcept Workout Method


The Pilates Union BarreConcept Training Manual is the world’s first published instruction manual on the Barre workout method. A mixture of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga and Sports Conditioning, this manual is packed with over 100 pages of exercises to assist in devising a comprehensive Barre exercise regime.

Basic ballet and Pilates positions, exercises and terminology are comprehensively described along with step by step photographs depicting the exercise sequence, make it easy to follow.

The manual is split into sections as follows: Warm Up; At the Barre; Floor Work; Weights; The Stretches. Each exercise is broken down as follows: Aim, starting position, action, target muscles, watchpoints and contra-indications. Beginners to advanced options are shown where appropriate as modifications, adaptations and progressions.

Indivicual exercises are broken down into their component parts but it is the skill of combining these individual movemenst together in order to form a slick, choreographed routine that flows effortlessly that is the art of a good barre instructor. A sample lesson plan is included in the manual.

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