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BarreConcept BarreFloor Workout Method DVD and Manual Package

BarreConcept BarreFloor Workout Method DVD and Manual Package

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BarreFloor is a non stop toning class performed on the mat. It follows a specific structure such as Warm Up and mobiliser section to start the class on the floor and then core strength exercises are performed in a variety of different positions, in a choreographed sequence. Finally a flowing stretch cool down sequence ends the class. Pilates principles are combined with fitness and ballet moves on the mat. The choreographed routine increases stamina to make for a fun and challenging workout.

This instruction manual gives you a range of exercises to choose from for each class component, broken down into an easy to follow step by step guide (aims, breathing, target muscles, watchpoints, adaptations, progressions and contraindications). The manual also contains the class plan choreography to make your hour long workout.

The DVD is a 55 minute choreographed workout routine, suitable for intermediate levels of fitness.