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BarreConcept - Total Body Lift - DVD

BarreConcept - Total Body Lift - DVD

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This intermediate BarreConcept workout uses resistance for the ultimate challenge.  Feel the barre burn as creator, Emma Newham, puts you through your paces.  Following a dynamic warm up, Emma guides you through the thigh and butt lifting exercises at the barre followed by an intense arm weight challenge before working the abdominals on the mat.  
This flowing workout produces dramatic results that will lift the butt, tone the thighs, flatten the abdominals and sculpt the arms - all whilst burning fat and increasing stamina.  Get the body of a dancer without a tutu in sight!

Founder of Pilates Union and creator of The BarreConcept Method, Emma Newham, has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, teaching mind body holistic exercise.  She is author to 8 Pilates training manuals and has produced her own Pilates DVD's.  Her company runs accredited Pilates teacher training courses.