PowerTramp Online Rebounder Instructor Training Course
PowerTramp is a high intensity non-stop workout performed to the beat of the music, that is challenging and fun. This fantastic new regime has been developed to increase cardiovascular fitness and endurance, whilst simultaneously being kind to the joints. As well as the benefits of increased stamina, Powertramp incorporates resistance training alongside stability exercises to make for an exciting routine, which can produce dramatic results by burning unwanted calories.

This online course will teach you how to instruct the various components of the typical PowerTramp class such as the Warm Up, Main workout section (including resistance weights and HIT component), Strength Training and Cool Down Stretch. You will also learn how to work to the beat and the phrase of the music. Put all of these movements together in a choreographed routine that flows effortlessly.


UK Accreditation


The content of this training has been professionally recognised and endorsed by the awarding body, Active IQ - a CIMSPA Endorsed Awarding Organisation

This online course has international accreditation for continuing education credits and has been awarded the following points -

CIMSPA - 2.5 CPD's

National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) - Former Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) - 3 CEC's

Canfitpro - 3 FIS, PTS, PFS CEC's


Course Aims

For learners to develop a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the rebounder and the exercises that can be performed on it. To be able to apply this knowledge in developing a personal programme for a range of clients of differing needs and abilities

Course Outcomes

Learners will be able to instruct basic to intermediate exercises on the rebounder to a variety of clients of different ages and capabilities. Learners will be able to identify exercises which may need to be modified for a particular client group and they will be able to adapt or progress an exercise where necessary.

Course Structure

There are 11 units and you are allowed 150 days access to complete the course. You have instant access upon purchase and you are ready to start immediately. Just log in and go to unit one. On each screen, you will find the video of the exercise and how to teach the movement. This includes alignment, breathing, correct technique, common errors and how to correct them, modifications, progressions, contraindications and tactile cueing.
You will work at your own pace and when you have time, just login and go to the appropriate unit and work your way through the material.

The units are split as follows

Unit One Welcome and Safety -1 videos (2 minutes)

Unit Two Warm Up Component Skills -1 video (11 minutes)

Unit Three Choreographed Warm Up Routine 1 video (7 minutes)

Unit Four Working with Music and Cueing Skills -1 video (8 minutes)

Unit Five Main Phase Workout Movements - 30 videos (21 minutes)

Unit Six  Choreographed Main Phase Routine - 1 video (27 minutes)

Unit Seven  Resistance Training Exercises - 8 videos (63 minutes)

Unit Eight  Choreographed Resistance Training Routine -1 video (18 minutes)

Unit Nine  Choreographed Cool Down Stretch Routine - 1 video (11 minutes)

Unit Ten - Teaching Skills (no videos)

Unit Eleven - Health and Safety (no videos)


Course Duration and Video Breakdown

There are 45 videos on this course. If you watched one video per day, it would take 45 days. It is really dependent upon individual instructors and the time they have available to devote to learning. All learning must be completed before the 150 days are up.

Total number of videos = 45

Total Video Playing Time = 168 (2.8 hours)

Total Quiz Time = 60 minutes

Total Reading Time = 80 minutes

Total minutes = 308 (5.1 hours)



In order to achieve a pass in this course, 2 assessments must be successfully submitted

Assessment One - Online Multiple Choice Theory Quiz (70% pass)

Assessment Twp - Practical 30 minute video exam. You must submit a video of you teaching part of the full PowerTramp routine

  • Warm Up - Teach the classic PowerTramp Warm Up routine (5 minutes)

  • Main Phase - Teach the first part of the classic PoweTramp main phase section (15 minutes)

Ideally, you can use an iPad to film your exam video. Place the iPad on a surface where you and your clients are in full view for the entire video. It is suggested to film for a few minutes and then check your video to see that the angle is correct and that your voice is sufficiently audible. If everything seems fine, go ahead and video your full lesson.

Upon completions of your video, you can upload this onto any internet application that allows you to send large files (such as Dropbox, Google Drive or You Send It for example). You must not upload to You Tube or any publicly viewable social media. You may also put your video onto a CD or USB stick and send via the post.

Please note that there is a £30 cost for your assessment. This covers your assessors time to watch your video and give you feedback. This also covers the cost of your certificate.

Upon successful completion of all assessments, you will receive the Pilates Union certificate of competency to teach PowerTramp and run your own rebounding classes.


The course costs £120 GBP. Assessment fee £30. There are no other costs involved.


Pilates Union does not get involved with the insurance requirements of individual instructors, nor does it liaise with insurance companies regarding this. It is up to the individual instructor to assess their needs and contact the relevant insurers in this matter.

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