Power Ring Resistance Ring Online Instructor Training Course
Add spice and variety to your everyday classes by incorporating the Pilates Resistance Ring into your workout. This practical course covers beginner level exercises through to advanced for stronger students. Client progression, adaptations and contraindications are shown for each exercise where appropriate. The Magic Circle is particularly effective in helping clients to focus on their Powerhouse connection. Learn how to link movements together into a sequence for a flowing, choreographed routine, which your clients will love. This online course has international accreditation for continuing education credits - see below for details.

The Power Ring is an excellent piece of equipment to incorporate into your workout that can help improve strength and control. This practical course will guide you through exercises for each body part, offering strength exercises for the abdominals, upper body, back and legs as well as specific stretches to improve flexibility.

This comprehensive course will cover basic and intermediate exercises with the Power Ring.


International Accreditation, Approval and Education Points


The content of this training has been professionally recognised and endorsed by the awarding body, Active IQ - a CIMSPA Endorsed Awarding Organisation

This online course has international approval for continuing education credits and has been awarded the following points -


National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) - Former Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) - 4 CEC's

Canfitpro - 4 FIS, PTS, PFS CEC's

Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) - 4.5 CEC's

Course Aims

For learners to develop a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the Resistance Ring and the exercises that can be performed on it. To be able to apply this knowledge in developing a personal programme for a range of clients of differing needs and abilities

Course Outcomes

Learners will be able to instruct basic to intermediate exercises on the Resistance Ring to a variety of clients of different ages and capabilities. Learners will be able to identify exercises which may need to be modified for a particular client group and they will be able to adapt or progress an exercise where necessary.

Course Structure

There are 8 units and you are allowed 150 days access to complete the course. You have instant access upon purchase and you are ready to start immediately. Just log in and go to unit one. On each screen, you will find the video of the exercise and how to teach the movement. This includes alignment, breathing, correct technique, common errors and how to correct them, modifications, progressions, contraindications and tactile cueing. Underneath each video, you will find the appropriate page from the Pilates Union Power Ring Manual with detailed text and explanation. This has been put online for you, including JPEG images of the movements.
You will work at your own pace and when you have time, just login and go to the appropriate unit and work your way through the material.

The units are split as follows


Unit One The Stretches-6 videos (35 minutes)

Unit Two  Leg Exercises-7 videos (46 minutes)

Unit Three  Abdominal Exercises-23 videos (169 minutes)

Unit Four Back Exercises -3 videos (20 minutes)

Unit Five  Upper Body Exercises -3 videos (14 minutes)

Unit Six - Teaching Skills (no videos)

Unit Seven - Health and Safety (no videos)

Unit Eight - Special Populations (no videos)

Course Duration

There are 42 videos on this course. If you watched one video per day, it would take 42 days. It is really dependent upon individual instructors and the time they have available to devote to learning. All learning must be completed before the 150 days are up.

Total number of videos = 42

Total Video Playing Time = 284 (4.8 hours)

Total Quiz Time = 60 minutes

Total Reading Time = 250 minutes

Total minutes = 594 (9.9 hours)

Professional Development

This workshop is classed as CPD (continuing professional development) - meaning that you already have to be a certified instructor in possession of an industry award (qualification) in order to take the course. You are therefore building on your skills that you have already acquired as a qualified fitness instructor.


This training has been classed as a workshop (rather than a course) and this means that there is no assessment element. Upon successful completion of the course, you can download your Certificate of Completion.


The course costs £125 GBP. A copy of the information contained in the Pilates Union Power Ring Manual is viewable online. Should you wish to have a hard copy of the manual, this costs £11.99 and is available to purchase from our online store.
There are no other costs involved.


Pilates Union does not get involved with the insurance requirements of individual instructors, nor does it liaise with insurance companies regarding this. It is up to the individual instructor to assess their needs and contact the relevant insurers in this matter.

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