The Chakras Understanding the Chakras
There are seven main chakras or energy centres, each corresponding to specific organs, bundles of nerves and particular areas of the body. It is important that they all stay aligned and work optimally, since the life force energy that flows through each chakra can affect our emotional, mental, psychological, social and physical well-being.

Chakra means wheel and refers to the vortices of energy that collect at specific points along the spine. Life force energy (prana) moves through the body within the invisible network of energy channels (nadis). A blockage in any of these channels could lead to dis-ease.

This course will give you practical information about the body's energy centres, so you can understand the good and the shadow qualities of each of the main seven chakras.

From this information, you can identify if there may be a blockage in a particular chakra and identify the practical techniques that may help to shift the stuck energy, thereby restoring health to a specific part of the body.


Course Accreditation

This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals


Course Aims

For learners to develop a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the body's energy centres. To understand the difference in the qualities of each of the seven chakras. To be able to apply this knowledge in developing a programme of practical techniques sessions for a range of clients with differing needs.

Course Outcomes:

Learners will be able to identify if a chakra is imbalanced, due to the shadow qualities displayed by individuals. Learners will be able to identify relevant breathing exercises, meditations and yoga poses which may be helpful to clients in balancing a particular chakra.

Course Structure

There are 12 units and you are allowed 100 days access to complete the course. You have instant access upon purchase and you are ready to start immediately. Just log in and go to unit one. On each screen, you will find the video giving information on the qualities of each chakra, along with specific techniques to help to balance each energy centre, including exercises, breathwork and specific meditations. Underneath each video, you will find detailed text and explanation of each individual chakra. You will work at your own pace and when you have time, just login and go to the appropriate unit and work your way through the material.

The units are split as follows

Unit One  Introduction to the Chakras - 1 Steps, 1 video (8 minutes)

Unit Two  The Nadis - 1 Step, No videos

Unit Three - Kundalini - 1 Step, No videos

Unit Four  Muladhara Chakra - 1 Step, 1 video (18 minutes)

Unit Five  Swadhisthana Chakra - 1 Step, 1 video (16 minutes)

Unit Six  Manipura Chakra - Introducing Rhythms - 1 Step, 1 video (17 minutes)

Unit Seven - Anahata Chakra - Feeling the Breath - 1 Step, 1 video (16 minutes)

Unit Eight  Vishuddha Chakra - 1 Step, 1 video (10 minutes)

Unit Nine - Ajna Chakra - 1 Step, 1 video (12 minutes)

Unit Ten - Sahasrara Chakra - 1 Step, 1 video (11 minutes)

Unit Eleven - Chakra Balancing Meditation - 1 Step, 1 video (40 minutes)

Unit Twelve - Final Quiz

Course Duration and Video Breakdown

There are 9 videos on this course. If you watched one video per day, it would take 9 days to complete the training. It is really dependent upon the individual and the time available to devote to learning. All learning must be completed before the 100 days are up.

Total number of videos = 9

Total Video Playing Time = 162 minutes (3 hours)

Total Quiz Time = 60 minutes

Total Reading Time = 120 minutes

Total minutes = 342 minutes (5.7 hours)


Multiple Choice Online theory quiz (70% pass mark). Upon successful completion of the course, you can download your Certificate of Completion.


The course costs £45 GBP. There are no other costs involved.

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